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5 Japanese Makeup Techniques

5 Japanese Makeup Techniques - Kenage Beauty

In Japan, women regularly wear makeup, which is considered a minimal courtesy by appearing presentable. In Japan, bold makeup looks are not very popular, and instead, the natural makeup look is one of the most popular looks. Because Japanese women like to look naturally and effortlessly flawless, we will talk about 5 Japanese makeup techniques to achieve a natural makeup look.


1. Spot coverage with foundation and concealer

Japanese women love to have flawless faces, and they achieve this by spot concealing imperfections on their faces. Therefore, they don’t usually apply foundation all over their faces, and if they do, they will use a few drops of sheer foundation all over their faces and blend it with a clean sponge.


2. Use a loose powder with a puff to set your face makeup

After concealing their faces, they like to use a loose powder with a powder puff to set their makeup. The powder puff will have a blurring effect and make pores look smaller or non-existent. It will also give you a matte look, which will look like the Mochi skin trend.


3. Use a brown eyeshadow to line your eyes 

Harsh eyeliner is a big nono! And Japanese women like to line their eyes with a soft brown eyeshadow, or they don’t line their eyes at all. Sometimes, harsh black liquid eyeliners can close up the eye and make the eyes look smaller. But on the other hand, using a soft eyeshadow as a liner can lengthen the eyes without looking too overdone. Or by not applying any liner at all, the eyes will look brighter and more awake. 


4. Use a vibrant blush color right underneath your eyes

Accentuating your cheeks is crucial in a Japanese makeup routine. Popular blush colors include pink and coral. The Igari look is widespread, and blush placement is essential for this look. You must place blush right under the eyes and across the nose for a sun-kissed look. Cream blushes are more popular than powder blushes. One of the bestselling cream blushes in Japan is by Canmake and is widely used by celebrity makeup artists.


5. Use a neutral gloss or lip color

Japanese women love to use natural colors on their lips. So instead of vibrant lip colors, they usually go for sheer reds, rosy pinks, neutral pinks, and beige colors. And usually, lip glosses are more popular than matte lip colors.


Comment below and let us know your thoughts and if you would try out these makeup tips! 

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