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5 Sheet Mask Hacks

5 Sheet Mask Hacks - Kenage Beauty

5 Sheet Mask Hacks

Sheet masks are a great way to boost hydration to your face and are so much fun to use! Using sheet masks is relaxing and can benefit your skin in many ways. Today we've created a list of 5 different hacks that will make your sheet masking a little bit more fun and effective! Enjoy ~ 


1. Use the extra essence in the mask packet, and don't throw it away 

Once you're done using the sheet mask, cut the corner of the package, pour the extra essence into your hands and apply it to your face, neck, décolleté, arms, and legs! Make sure to use patting motions and pat the essence into your skin. The essence from the mask is filled with good ingredients that will plump your skin with moisture, so don't waste it and use it on other parts of your body!

2. Refrigerate your sheet mask 

Keeping your sheet masks cool is perfect in the summer or when you want to soothe inflamed and irritated skin. Put the sheet mask in your refrigerator for about an hour or so before you use it! Alternatively, you can even purchase a skincare refrigerator so that you can store your sheet masks all day long. 


3. Use a skincare massage tool while wearing the mask or after you take the mask off

You can use a face roller while wearing a sheet mask; it will push the essence into your skin while massaging your face. You can also use a face roller or a Gua Sha after taking the mask off to massage the essence on your face and press it into your skin. 


4. Save the extra essence and make your own sheet mask 

After using a sheet mask, you can take the extra essence and put it in a clean bottle or ziplock bag. Next, purchase a dry face mask capsule and put it into the essence container. And there you go, you have another sheet mask for the price of one! 


5. Use an eye mask underneath your face mask 

The under-eye area is important and needs to be taken care of. You can multi-mask and apply an eye mask before applying a face mask. This will save you time, and you can kill two birds with one stone by using this method! 


Have you tried some of these hacks? What are your favorite sheet mask hacks? Comment below and let us know!

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