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5 Sheet Mask Tips

5 Sheet Mask Tips - Kenage Beauty

Sheet masks are a popular way to hydrate and treat your skin. Of course, you need to use the sheet mask as outlined in the instructions to get the best results. But there are also some other things to note when using sheet masks. We have compiled five facts to ensure that you use your sheet masks properly and get the best results possible! Happy masking!


  1. Don’t let a sheet mask dry on your face 

We know it can be tempting to leave a sheet mask on your face for as long as possible to get the extra benefits. But if you overdo it, then there will be problems. If you leave your sheet mask on your face until it dries up, a reversal effect will happen. The sheet mask will reabsorb moisture from your face, which is something that will essentially make your skin worse or prevent you from getting all the benefits from using a sheet mask in the first place. Make sure to read and follow the instructions on the sheet mask. Remember to take the sheet mask off your face after an appropriate time and use the leftover essence on your neck, décolleté, arms, and legs to get the best bang for your buck!


  1. Pick a sheet mask with ingredients that suit your specific skin type

Everyone’s skin type is different, and you must ensure that you choose a sheet mask that will benefit your skin and not make it worse. Each ingredient will target a different skincare concern, and it’s essential to understand what ingredients are in each sheet mask to get the best possible results. For example, if you want a brighter complexion, it’s best to look for sheet masks with vitamin C and milk as their main ingredient. On the other hand, if your main focus is to hydrate your face, it’s best to look for royal jelly extract and hyaluronic acid.

Another essential thing to note is watching for ingredients that might react badly with your specific skin type. For example, sensitive skin types might want to avoid ingredients such as alcohol, sulfates, fragrance, etc. Do your research before purchasing a sheet mask and figure out what your exact skin type is! Which will ensure that you get the best results every time you use a sheet mask.


  1. Cleanse your face before applying a sheet mask

Applying a sheet mask on an unclean face is a big mistake, and you should never do it! If you use a sheet mask on your face without cleansing, you are making it difficult for the essence to penetrate your skin. In addition, all the dirt and debris on your face will mix with the essence and could potentially cause an adverse reaction, such as a breakout. Remember to wash your face with your favorite cleanser and pat your face dry before applying any sheet mask!


  1. Apply a toner before applying a sheet mask

Applying toner before applying a sheet mask is optional. However, there is an extra added benefit when using a toner. The toner will prepare your skin and balance the pH levels to absorb the ingredients better. With your skin cleansed and toned, it can give you the most optimal experience when using a sheet mask. The ingredients will penetrate the skin better and provide the best results possible. When using a toner, you can either use your hands to pat the toner in or use a cotton pad. Remember to use a toner that best suits your specific skin type!


  1. Do not wash your face after using a sheet mask

Some people think that you should wash your face after using a sheet mask, but if you do that, you will wash away all the good ingredients. In addition, your skin needs time to absorb the nutrients from the sheet mask essence. Therefore, it’s best to apply the sheet mask and pat the excess into your face. Afterward, it is best to continue with your skincare routine and apply treatments such as serums, an eye cream, moisturizer, and sunscreen (if you are using a sheet mask during the day).

Comment below and let us know your best tips for using sheet masks!

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