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5 Tips For Combination Skin

5 Tips For Combination Skin - Kenage Beauty

What Is The Cause Of Combination Skin?

Those with combination skin types typically have an oily T-zone (nose, chin, and forehead) but experience dry cheeks. Many causes could contribute to having combination skin, including genetics, environment, weather changes, etc. Combination skin types can be tricky because they have symptoms of both dry and oily skin types. However, we have compiled a great list of tips to help you take care of your combination skin! 


Symptoms Of Combination Skin

  • Larger pores on your T-zone area (nose, chin, and forehead)
  • Skin becomes oilier during the summer and drier during the winter
  • Cheeks feel dry
  • Experience breakouts and dryness at the same time in different areas of your face



  • Can look younger due to excess sebum production
  • Glowy looking skin- on the t-zone 
  • Fewer dead skin cells on dry areas of the face 




  • It isn't easy to treat different areas of your face
  • Apparent blackheads
  • Might have breakouts often



Tip #1: Assess your skin and treat dry and oily areas separately

Use different moisturizers for oily and dry areas on your face. For example, use a lightweight gel-moisturizer during the day for your t-zone area or wherever you get oily. And use a thicker cream to moisturize your dry areas. Top it off with good sunscreen, and you're ready to go! At night, you can use the same method and use two different moisturizers or go ahead and put one thicker moisturizer on for the night. 


Tip #2: Multi-mask once a week

It's essential to keep your skin balanced! So, once a week, make sure to use a clay mask on oily areas of your face and use a hydrating mask on the dry areas. Incorporating good sheet masks once a week will give your skin the extra love and care that it needs. 


Tip #3: Use different cleansers during the day and night

Using a lighter cleanser during the day can help keep your skin from overproducing oil or from feeling too tight and dry. So using a foam cleanser during the day is a great option. Then at night, you can use a makeup remover and a cream cleanser to get rid of the day's grime and dirt. 


Tip #4: Use a gentle exfoliator on your face at least once a week

Instead of using an exfoliator with a physical exfoliant, use a chemical exfoliant. A chemical exfoliant will slough away dead skin cells and reveal smooth and glowy-looking skin. 


Tip #5: Use a mattifying primer 

If you're going to wear makeup, you should invest in a good mattifying primer. Then, apply the primer onto your t-zone or wherever you get most oily. Using a good primer will ensure that your makeup will stay on your face all day long! 


Comment below and let us know your best combination skin tips and tricks!  

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