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All About Fermented Skincare

All About Fermented Skincare - Kenage Beauty

One of the newest trends in the skincare industry is fermented skincare products! It first originated in the 1970s in Japan. And fermented skincare products have been popular in South Korea and Japan. Some of you may have already heard of fermented skincare products or have tried some fermented skincare products. Some popular fermented skincare products are products that have AHAs such as glycolic, mandelic, and lactic acids. These acids first come from fermented sugar, almonds, and milk. Today’s blog post will discuss what fermentation is, some popular fermented skincare ingredients, its benefits and if there are any adverse side effects. 


What is fermentation?


The fermentation process is when micro-organisms like yeast and bacteria break down substances. Ingredients will turn into amino acids, vitamins, and anti-oxidants through the fermentation process. When micro-organisms break down the ingredients, they turn into smaller compounds that can easily absorb into the skin. As a result, fermented products are more concentrated and are more effective than usual skincare products.


What are some popular fermented skincare ingredients?


There are many ingredients used to create fermented skincare products. For example, one popular fermented skincare product is lactic acid serums, which is fermented milk.


Some other popular ingredients include:  


  • Ginseng
  • Green Tea
  • Napa cabbage
  • Black tea
  • Rice
  • Sea kelp
  • Black soy


What are the benefits of fermented products?


There are many benefits to using fermented skincare products. Some benefits include anti-aging properties, as amino acids can firm the skin and increase collagen production. Fermented skincare products also have anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, which protect the skin from UV damage and can help fade post pigmentation marks. As we stated previously, since fermented products are smaller in size, they can penetrate the skin deeply and more effectively. In addition, fermented skincare products increase moisture in the skin; they can also help strengthen the skin barrier. Another great thing about fermented products is that they can balance the pH levels in our skin, which means that they won’t irritate our skin and will be gentle to use. Because there are so many great benefits to using fermented skincare products, it’s easy to see why it’s becoming more and more popular in the beauty industry.  


Are there any adverse side effects?


Of course, it depends on the different sets of ingredients in that specific skincare product, but for the most part, there are no adverse side effects. Fermented skincare products can even suit sensitive skin types and can be especially good for acne-prone skin. But we always recommend that you conduct a patch test before applying any new skincare product to your face. And to introduce any new skincare products into your skincare routine slowly and not overwhelm your skin by introducing too many new products at once.


Have you tried any fermented skincare products? If so, what are your favorite products? Comment below and let us know!

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