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Bad Habits That Prematurely Age Your Skin

Bad Habits That Prematurely Age Your Skin - Kenage Beauty

Did you know that you might be prematurely aging your skin? It's hard to find out what habits we have that contribute to our determent. You only have one skin, and it's essential that we all take care of ourselves. Skincare is not just about physical appearance; it's about self-care and self-love. Once you incorporate good habits into your skin routine and find that your skin looks better, you'll feel better and more confident. We will discuss the three skincare mistakes that may be prematurely aging your skin! 


Drinking too much alcohol

Socially drinking alcohol is fine, but when you drink too much, it can cause health problems and skin problems. It's a known fact that consuming alcohol will dehydrate your skin. Once your skin is dehydrated, fine lines and wrinkles will be more prominent. Alcohol can also enlarge your pores, making blackheads and whiteheads look apparent. However, even though there are bad skin side effects from consuming alcohol, it doesn't mean that you can't drink alcohol. We suggest that you drink a glass of water between a serving of alcohol. This way, it will minimize the effects of alcohol on your skin. 


Not wearing sunscreen

The sun's rays are incredibly harmful to our skin. UV radiation damages collagen and connective tissues in our skin. This means that your skin will be more susceptible to wrinkles and result in sagging skin. There are two types of UV rays; the first type is UVA rays. These rays speed up the aging process and are the cause of tanning. Although UVA rays are less intense than UVB rays, they are known to penetrate the skin deeper than UVB rays. UVA rays can also penetrate through windows. The second type of ray is UVB rays, which cause the skin to burn and damage the outer layer of our skin. In extreme cases, UVB rays can blister the skin. However, UVB rays cannot penetrate glass. 

Investing in a good sunscreen is crucial to keeping your skin protected and looking its best. It doesn't matter how expensive or thorough your skincare routine is if you're not protecting your skin every day! You must apply sunscreen every day, even if it's cloudy and rainy. In addition to wearing sunscreen every day, you must reapply sunscreen every two hours for maximum protection. 


Using tanning beds

Some people believe that tanning beds are not as bad as going out and tanning in the sun. But this is not true. Tanning beds are not safer than the sun. Ultraviolet radiation from tanning beds is just as harmful or is even worse for your skin than the sun. Ultraviolet rays have both UVA and UVB rays, and as mentioned above, they can be detrimental to your skin. Therefore, everyone should avoid tanning beds, and if you want to achieve that tan skin look, you should use spray-on self-tanners. 



What are some of your skincare mistakes? Let us know in the comment section below!

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