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Blue light skincare?

Blue light skincare? - Kenage Beauty

What is blue light?

Blue light comes from computer screens and mobile devices. The damage from blue light doesn't show up right away, and your skin will not visibly burn. However, blue light can penetrate your skin deeper than UVA rays from the sun. And there are adverse skincare effects from prolonged exposure to blue light. 


Adverse effects of blue light

  • Premature aging (fine lines & wrinkles) 
  • Pigmentation/discoloration


Solutions to blue light 

You can use physical sunscreens with zinc oxide to protect your skin. Zinc oxide will protect your skin's outer layer, and rays will deflect. Chemical sunscreen is okay to use but doesn't have the same benefits as physical sunscreens regarding blue light protection. You can also use blue light-specific skincare like serums, mists, and creams. Many brands offer blue light protection skincare products. 


Blue light controversy 

Some people believe that blue light skincare products are a myth and a marketing tactic. However, there are many articles on the subject of blue light skincare products, and there are some people who believe in it and some who think that it has minimal effect on our skin. Of course, more research still needs to be conducted to determine the effects of blue light emitted from computer screens and mobile devices, but it's better to be safe than sorry and to protect your skin in general with a great sunscreen! 


What are your thoughts on blue light skincare? Have you tried any blue light protection skincare products? If so, did you like it? Let us know! 

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