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Difference Between Hydrators And Moisturizers

Difference Between Hydrators And Moisturizers - Kenage Beauty

Many people don’t know that there is an actual difference between hydrators and moisturizers. People usually view both products as the same, although their main goals are to fight dryness and increase moisturization in the skin. However, there is a difference between the two products. 



  • Use humectants to bring water to the skin 
  • Humectants like glycerin or hyaluronic acid
  • Best for dehydrated skin types-lacks water & needs to be hydrated
    • Temporary and can affect all skin types



  • Locking moisture into the skin
  • Usually are oil-based and use ingredients like plant oils and petrolatum.
  • Best for dry skin types -lacking oil & needs to be moisturized
    • The body doesn’t produce enough sebum -low on oil



Depending on the ingredient, it may either hydrate or moisturize your face or do both! Make sure that you read ingredient lists to determine if the product will hydrate, moisturize, or do both to your face. Some ingredients that will hydrate the skin are hyaluronic acid, glycerin, aloe, honey, etc. Ingredients that will moisturize the skin are plant oils (rosehip, jojoba, etc.), shea butter, lanolin, etc.

It also depends on your specific skin type and weather changes to use either hydration or moisturizers. The best thing to do is to research different ingredients and try out other products to figure out what works best for your skin!


Remember to always patch test before using new products! Comment below and let us know if you like to use hydrators or moisturizers! 

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