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How To Get Mochi Skin

How To Get Mochi Skin - Kenage Beauty

What is Mochi skin?

Mochi skin is all about having bouncy, soft skin, just like the texture of Mochi, a Japanese delicacy. Mochi skin is different from the Glass skin trend because it emphasizes having skin that looks matte and is shine-free. In addition, the Mochi skin routine is not as intense as the 10-step Glass skin routine. Instead, the Mochi skin routine comprises five steps and is relatively simple. Now that we understand what Mochi skin is, let’s talk about the five steps to getting Mochi skin.




Step 1: Cleanse 

In the morning, you can splash water on your face instead of using a cleanser. But if you want to use a cleanser, you can use one suited to your specific skin type. For example, use a cleanser with salicylic acid for acne-prone skin types.

During the night, you should double cleanse your face. You should use two different types of cleansers. One of the cleansers can be a cream or oil cleanser or micellar water. The other cleanser should be one that you can rinse off with water, such as a foaming cleanser or gel cleanser.


Step 2: Toner/Essence

Use a hydrating toner or essence on your face after you cleanse. Using toners or essences with rice as the main ingredient will boost skin hydration while making the complexion brighter and more even in tone.


Step 3: Serum

Use a serum with hyaluronic acid or vitamin C as one of its main ingredients. Hyaluronic acid will increase skin elasticity, smooth out skin texture, hydrate skin, and has anti-aging properties. And vitamin C will enhance skin brightness, fade hyperpigmentation, protect against sun damage, and hydrate skin.


Step 4: Moisturizer

During the day, use a lightweight moisturizer to seal in all the hydration and nutrients. Look for a moisturizer with ceramides because it creates a barrier to lock in moisture in your skin. It will also protect your skin from environmental damage. 


During the night, you can use the same lightweight moisturizer you used during the day, or you can use a heavier cream to moisturize your face. Optional: you can also use a sleeping mask afterward to provide intense hydration while you sleep!


Step 5: Sunscreen SPF

During the day, make sure you use an SPF of 50 or higher. You can use either physical or chemical sunscreen. But make sure not to skip this step! You don’t want all of your hard work to go to waste, and you must protect your face from UVA/UVB rays.



Comment below and let us know your thoughts about the Mochi skin trend! 

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