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Light Therapy Color Meanings

Light Therapy Color Meanings - Kenage Beauty

Light therapy is relatively new to the skincare industry. You might be wondering what light therapy is. Light therapy is a skincare treatment that uses artifical light, such as LED light on your skin. The idea behind it is to use the different colored lights to treat specific skin issues. The light that light therapy uses does not contain ultraviolet rays and can be safe to use on the skin. There are many colors in light therapy and we're going to discuss what the different colors mean and what skin issues they target. 


Green Light

  • targets hyperpigmentation
  • balances redness
  • reduces appearance of sun spots
  • improves appearance of dark eye circles


Purple Light

  • increases cell regeneration
  • reduces inflammation


Orange Light

  • brightens the skin
  • gives the skin a radiant glow


Red Light

  • reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • boosts collagen production


Blue Light

  • reduces redness
  • calms the skin
  • eliminates acne causing bacteria



Have you tried light therapy? If so, let us know your experience with it! 

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