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Purging vs breaking out

Purging vs breaking out - Kenage Beauty


Purging occurs when you try skin care products that increase cell turnover rate. When the cell turnover rate speeds up, it reveals the healthy new skin underneath. But along with this process, it will bring up all of the excess sebum and clogged pores to the skin's surface. 

It can be challenging to distinguish purging from breaking out, but purging typically consists of blackheads and or flesh-colored bumps on the skin. Other side effects include dry peeling skin. Another thing to note is that it happens in areas where you usually break out. It is caused by retinoids, vitamin C, AHA/BHA. 

If you're experiencing purging, the best thing to do is to simplify your skincare routine. It would be best to use a gentle hydrating cleanser and good sunscreen during the day. Purging symptoms vary, but they usually last for about five days. 


Breaking out

When you are breaking out, it usually occurs because dead skin and oil clog your pores, and it can be caused by using comedogenic products. So when you have a breakout, it looks like the usual red, irritated pimples.

Breaking out is different from purging because it occurs in a new area where you usually don't break out. And it typically lasts for eight to ten days. If you're breaking out, it's best to use acne-fighting skincare products and pimple patches to heal your breakouts! 



Have you ever experienced purging? How long did it take for your purging stage to end? Let us know! 

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