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Skincare Tips Korean Women Swear By

Skincare Tips Korean Women Swear By - Kenage Beauty

Have you ever wondered how Korean women have flawless skin? It's a known fact that Korean women love to take care of their skin. They have a strict skincare routine that they like to follow everyday! In addition to their skincare routine, they also love using special techniques to make their skincare products more effective. We will discuss three skin care tips that Korean women use to keep their skin looking healthy and glowy! 


Tap your skincare products in, and don't rub! 

Don't rub your skincare products into your skin! This can result in premature aging and can contribute to fine lines and wrinkles on your skin. The best way is to apply your products is to tap or slap it into your skin! Tapping your skincare products into your skin will boost blood circulation, and it helps to maintain your skin elasticity! 


Use pimple patches

Don't pop your pimples and use a pimple patch instead! Popping your pimples can spread the bacteria to other areas on your face. It can also result in a scar that can take months to fade! Applying a pimple patch on your blemish will protect it from bacteria from your hands and provide an optimal environment for it to shrink and disappear quickly. The best thing about pimple patches is that most are translucent. So no one will even notice if you have one on! 


Sheet mask everyday

Using a sheet mask is a great way to boost hydration to your skin, and to achieve a glowy look! Sheet masking can result in healthier and more translucent skin. Many Korean celebrities sheet mask every day and claim that it's how they maintain their great skin! However, for some people sheet masking everyday might irritate their skin. And if it results in irritation then it's best to use it once or twice a week instead! 



What are some of your favorite skin care tips? And would you try out these tips? Let us know in the comments section below!

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