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What does the PA+ mean in sunscreen?

What does the PA+ mean in sunscreen? - Kenage Beauty

Sunscreen is one of the essential products that you can use to keep your skin looking youthful. Many formulations of sunscreens are on the market, and Asian sunscreens are gaining popularity. Asian sunscreens are great because they usually aren't sticky, have no smell, and feel like a moisturizer. Asian sunscreens have a special symbol on their packaging, which is PA++++. You all must be wondering what the PA++++ means. Today we'll dive into what the PA++++ sign means. 


What is the PA+ rating in sunscreens?

PA+ rating is a rating system developed in Japan. It tells you how much UVA protection the sunscreen provides. This rating system is used on Asian sunscreens, while western sunscreens rely on the SPF rating system. However, the SPF rating system measures how much UVB ray protection your skin gets. But if you get a sunscreen that says broad-spectrum, it protects your skin from UVA and UVB rays. 


UVA Rays

There are two types of UV rays emitted from the sun; UVA rays and UVB rays. UVA rays are less intense than UVB rays, but they penetrate the skin deeper. UVA rays are the leading cause of premature aging, and they can penetrate through glass. However, on the other hand, UVB rays don't penetrate the skin deeply but are the cause of burning the skin. UVB rays cannot penetrate through glass like UVA rays. 


PA Ratings

There are four PA ratings that your sunscreen can have. PA+ means that you have some UVA protection. PA++ means that you have moderate UVA protection. PA+++ means that you have high UVA protection, and PA++++ means that there is extremely high UVA protection. In general, you want to look for sunscreens with PA++++ protection to get maximum protection from the harmful UVA rays. 



Have you tried any Asian sunscreens? If so, what are your favorite brands?

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