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When do skincare products expire?

When do skincare products expire? - Kenage Beauty

Did you know that skincare products expire? Most people don't think about expiry dates when it comes to skincare or makeup products. However, it is so important that you keep track of when your products expire! Once you start using your skincare products, you are exposing the product to oxygen, which then starts to oxidize the product and starts to decay. If you continue to use expired skincare products, it can lead to skin problems such as infections, inflammation, and break outs. So once your skincare products are past their due date, then you should toss them out! 


Here are when some common skincare products' expire



6 months to a year


Eye Cream

6 months to a year 


Face Oil

1 year 


Vitamin C serum 

3 months to 6 months 


Sheet Masks

1-3 years 



Which expiry date surprised you the most? Do you keep track of your skincare products expiry dates? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below! 

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