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Hi there! ~

We have a passion for Japanese and Korean skincare and makeup products. So with our love for the beauty industry, we decided to open up this e-commerce store. Here at Kenage Beauty, our goal is to provide our customers with popular Asian skincare and makeup products. We believe that taking a few minutes out of the day to apply your skincare or makeup routine is important and it's about indulging yourself in self-care. 

You might also be wondering what does Kenage mean? Well, Kenage けなげ (健気) is a Japanese word that doesn't have a direct translation in English. The meaning of it is a person (usually a woman or a child) who perseveres despite facing difficulties. This word describes hardworking people and those who carry unique traits. We know how difficult life can be, and everyone is struggling with something in their lives but still persevering and that is a beautiful thing. So we thought it was appropriate to name our business, Kenage, to celebrate everyone who tries their best and works hard in life. 

We hope to expand our business and to provide our customers with innovative Asian beauty products. We are excited to start this journey, and we appreciate every single customer!

We will try our best and work hard!

Thank you 



Kenage けなげ (健気) Beauty

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